martes, 28 de febrero de 2012


  1. I look to you (Giuseppe D radio mix)
  2. I'm every woman (Goghs next 2 dark garage mix)
  3. I learned from the best (Junior vasquez disco radio mix)
  4. One of those days (Extended mix)
  5. Try it on my own (Maurice's Nu soul radio edit)
  6. I'm your baby tonight (Extended mix)
  7. Million dollar bill (Warren rigg club mix)
  8. It's not right but it's OK (Kcc's Released love groove mix)
  9. Could i have this kiss forever (Tin Tin out mix)
  10. Queen of the night (CJ's single mix)
  11. Fine (House vinyl radio remix)
  12. If i told you that (Johnny douglas mix)
  13. Whatchulookinat (Full intention club mix)
  14. I wanna dance with somebody (12'' club mix)
  15. Same script different cast (Victor romeo slang radio mix)
  16. Heartbreak hotel (Rip radio mix)
  17. Love will save the day (Jellybean & morales 1987 Underground mix)
  18. Step by step (Teddy riley remix)
  19. Greatest love of all (Junior vasquez radio mix)
  20. Love that man (Pound boys R&B mix)

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